You will need a vision statement that explains how Yammer will support your organisation’s core values and drive your top initiatives. Help everyone understand the main reasons you are launching your network – to engage employees and drive your business objective.

Get Your Stakeholders on Board

Make sure you have people who can get things done and are advocates from the start.

Leadership must be and board showing people this is a valuable way to communicate and collaborate.

Having a hard time getting people on board? Spend time showing your exec what Yammer can really do and how it will benefit your organization. Do not be afraid to link this to their personal responsibilities and objectives.

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Create Your Yammer Usage Policy

Users need to know why your organization is using Yammer, and what they should use it for. Giving clear, friendly guidance on what to do an what not to do is essential.

Establish Roles

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Training the Right People

Make sure your exec, senior leaders, and communications people, and other key teams know how to use the network successfully.

Make sure everyone can access training materials to develop their skills. Use Microsoft’s training materials and make them your own using real life examples and groups.


Use your current digital channels to share your Yammer plan with your organisation.

Consider running live events in your offices using your network of champions.


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Setting Up Key Yammer Groups

Creating key groups will help avoid everything ending up on the all company feed.

Run a Useful Pilot

Trying out Yammer with a select group before rolling out to the wider organisation can be valuable if you do it properly.


Make sure you include people who are based in different locations, in different functions, and for whom collaborating using Yammer would genuinely be a win. Work with these people to find out what information they need to make it work well for them, what communications would have helped, what training materials they lacked and what training campaigns via Yammer would have really facilitated their understanding and use of the tool.

Microsoft Teams and Yammer

Microsoft Teams and Yammer complement each other.

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Reassuring Your IT Team

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Case Study

Global drinks company, Diageo, worked with WM Reply to launch (and later mature) their Yammer network back in 2014. It is now one of Yammer’s most active networks out there. So how did they do it?

Exec Endorsement

“It’s all about getting your leaders to walk the talk”, explains Ruth Kirkup, former Employee Engagement Channel Manager

Ruth and her team spent time with their CEO, Ivan Menezes to show him the impact Yammer could have on the business. Ruth explains;

“We showed him a live conversation happening on a Yammer group and how it all worked. He was impressed. He could see that by getting all our employees talking and connecting we can be a better performing company. He got it.”

Even now, over five years later, Ivan still blogs to his Yammer group “Ivan Online’ every Sunday night about his week.


Diageo found topics and campaigns that that were already engaging to their employees and started conversations about them on Yammer

One such campaign, #LoveScotch, gave employees a voucher to go and buy themselves and a stranger a Diageo scotch, and have a conversation about it. The marketing team asked people to upload their photos and comments on these interactions on Yammer, using the #LoveScotch tag. Thousands of photos and posts were made, spreading the excitement and found around and creating a valuable bank of quotes and imagery. Brand advocacy went through the roof.

The #ProudOfWhatWeDo campaign invited employees to share examples of what they felt proud of within Diageo. Over 3,000 employees got involved (over 10% of the business) by posting stories, feelings, and photos on Yammer. The most engaging posts were shared externally on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, increasing Diageo’s talent pool and engagement with those external to the business.


It’s easy to think Yammer is intuitive for everyone, but that’s not always the case. Each communication Manager was set up with their own Yammer group for their market. They also trained their top 120 leaders and their PAs on a one-to-one basis “By training the PAs, we created another community of people who understood how to use Yammer and could answer questions on it” In addition to these training sessions, they worked with their in-house training team to develop simple training videos and decks, and also set up a “Yammer Training” group for users to post to with any questions or issues. Ruth’s team managed the response to that group initially, but as people got more confident using the tool, other users started to offer their advice and support.