Here is what you need to know if your Yammer activity could use some vitality.



Assess where your network sits now and utilize our partners SWOOP Analytics or tyGraph’s expertise. By conducting an assessment, you can identify areas where your Yammer network is so-so and where it is successful.


SWOOP’s 2018 Yammer benchmarking report suggests that if you have around 36% active users (users who have commented, liked, or replied to content), you are average. Organisations in the bottom quartile have around 28% active usage. The most successful Yammer networks have over 50% active users.


tyGraph’s finds actionable insights that validate your Yammer strategy, campaigns, and initiatives. – Dean Swan, Director of Product at tyGraph.


Using these analytics, you can tell if your network is engaged, who is influencing collaboration, and where those key conversation are happening.



Link your Yammer objectives to pressing and engaging business objectives will be the key to your success. It’s possible that since your original launch things have changed, and you will need to adjust accordingly.


Make time to re-connect with the Big Dogs regularly and make sure they are able to use Yammer, in some way to meet their own business (and bonused) objectives. Help them to see Yammer for the invaluable tool it is and give them the skills to use it as it evolves.


Need a new hook? There’s nothing wrong with a bit of competition….


Syngenta held its global leadership conference in 2017 where leaders were presented with a table showing their personal level of interaction on the company’s Microsoft Yammer network compared with their peers. – Sharon Dawson, Director, External Relationships &External Communication, SWOOP.


Each leader was ranked in order, with those regularly engaging with their team at the top of the list. They were looking at a benchmarking report from SWOOP Analytics, where all senior leader’ online behavior on Yammer had been benchmarked against each other.


Seeing the data of who was best engaging with their staff had a big impact on Syngenta’s leaders.


Melinda knew the best way to get staff collaborating and communicating on Yammer was to first get leaders on board.

“The No.t way to get more people on board is by saying; “Your leader is there, or your CEO is there, why aren’t you?” Melinda says.

Training and self-help materials

Look at your training plan. Identify key groups, functions, and areas of the organisation and how you’ll reach them. Review the training materials and think about developing bespoke training to ensure it speaks to your colleagues. Use examples that are relevant, impactful, and engaging to your organisation. Develop training material that people can access in their own time or during existing meetings to help capture more users. Tailor your training to your audience by getting their attention, making it relevant and close with something practical they can use in order to get more out of the tool.

Training via your Yammer champions or Yambassadors will be the most effective way to learn. Invest time in training your Yambassadors and that training will cascade through your organisation. Survey experience with Yammer and offer different levels of training based on the knowledge your audience wants.

Effective community management


Appoint a Community Manager to deliver the organisation’s Yammer strategy. They must inspire others, nurture early adopters and influencers as Yammer champions to grow the network – Jaci Neal, Consultant at WM Reply. Champions share the load and make Yammer relevant for their teams. Recruitment, upskilling and ongoing support and management of this community is imperative for long term Yammer success. Target influencers identified from analytics and use them for the best impact.

Make it integral


Make it as obvious and as easy as possible for people to get involved. Integrate your network into your intranet homepage, and other areas that are frequently visited.

Keep it real


Use Yammer to get rid of process. Every organisation can find process that isn’t as quick as it should be, that can be better managed using Yammer. – Baxter William WM Reply


Diageo used Yammer to share and fill capacity support to clients during the week. Using the tag #capacity via a Yammer group allowed salespeople to communicate quickly and easily.

Remember why you are doing this

Take time to appreciate the opportunity reinvigorating your network gives you. Remember that helping your organisation to collaborate better and faster is incredibly valuable, and what you’re doing brings tangible benefits in many forms.


Yammer can give a huge boost to Diversity and Inclusion within organisations. Being able to communicate to your business more widely, and more importantly to listen and to be seen to act on this information, is hugely powerful and engaging.

Highlight Positive Analytics 


SWOOP’s 2018 benchmarking report suggests Yammer is still the way to go: There is significant improvement across almost all of the collaboration indicators from previous years. Yammer networks are still growing and maturing. – Dr. Laurence Lock Lee, SWOOP. Eight of the nine performance metrics that are comparable with previous years showed stronger performance by, on average, an impressive 30%.



Remove unused and duplicate groups. Help users by clearing up the clutter so it’s easy to get to the good stuff. Check your Group Health, (tyGraph and SWOOP both offer great tools to do this) to quickly identify which can go. Do not make the mistake of thinking that anything social is surplus to requirements.

Case study connecting at network rail

Claire Grundy, Network Rail’s Head of Internal Communications, shares how her organisation gave Yammer a boost in preparation for the introduction of Office 365 in 2018. With fairly low engagement with Yammer and Officer 365 coming in, the Internal communications team worked with WM Reply and Microsoft to develop a Yammer adoption program.


Why do it? Many of us worked in other companies where Yammer was really flying and it was an opportunity to reach colleagues who don’t sit in office on laptop. Users could cut across organisational boundaries and push good ideas around the business faster. This was an opportunity to reach frontline workers who often worked alone.


Yammer would be used to collaborate with co-workers. It was a better way to share issues and seek help with technical challenges and confirming shift cover. It was also easy to access on mobile devices. We kept sessions to 30 minutes, any longer we started to lose engagement. Keeping it personal We categorized our users into different personas to sell benefits to colleagues whose needs are very different. We offered different ways of getting on board. Campaign lead internal campaigns helped to boost interest during the yammer re-launch.


Yammer engagement by stealth We identified ways Yammer would help you achieve a business objective. Show me the data Working with tyGraph we were able to provide quick and easy dashboards showing the uplift in traffic, and level of interaction on the platform.


So… How successful was it? Network Rail saw an increase of about 8,000 users in a matter of weeks as a response to the campaign, and the platform has remained popular.


What’s next? We constantly review engagement and if everyone is using Yammer, we consider what else is used. We look at governance around creating groups and clear up those that aren’t being used. It’s an ongoing process.